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Toftegaard, Zealand

Archaeological excavations at Toftegård

The magnate’s residence at Toftegård was partly investigated in the period 1995-2000. It was established in the beginning of the 7th century and was demolished in the 10th century. The magnate’s residence covers c.10,000 m2 and includes five large hall buildings (c.10 x 37-40 m). The halls are associated with a small, enclosed special area containing a sequence of three smaller houses. The enclosed special area is comparable to that found at the magnate’s residence at Tissø. Outside the hall area another more ordinary farm settlement was found consisting of two to three contemporary farms with smaller main houses, outbuildings and pit-houses.


The finds distribution at Toftegård shows a distinctive pattern, with all the high-status objects found in the hall area. These include a number of figures made of gold sheet, fragments of Frankish drinking glass, weapons and riding equipment, together with fittings from Irish caskets. The magnate’s residence has not been fully excavated and notably substantial parts of the central hall area still await investigation.


Settlement area: c.225,000 m².
Excavated area: c.30,000 m².
Total number of house sites: c.90, including five halls measuring 10 x 37-40 m.
Finds: c.3000, including coins, trading weights, bars of silver and bronze, casting moulds, riding equipment, parts of weapons, imported jewellery, fittings and glass.
Faunal material: over 100 kg of bones.