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The silver cups from Hoby display scenes from Homer’s Iliad. On the cup to the left the Greek hero Philoctetes is depicted. His colleagues wash his foot after he has been bitten by a snake. The cup on the right shows a scene in which King Priam pleads with his enemy Achilles for the body of his son to be handed over.
The finds from the wealthy man’s grave included an aristocratic Roman table service: a washing dish, wine bucket and scoop, jug, tray and two precious drinking cups of silver decorated with scenes from Homer’s Iliad. All the pieces were made in Italy around the time of the Birth of Christ. In the grave there was also a handled silver cup, a drinking horn, of which only the bronze fittings are preserved, a bronze knife, a bone pin, a wooden casket, bronze and iron sheets, a belt buckle, two gold finger rings, seven fibulae and three pottery vessels.


A magnetometer measures anomalies in the earth’s natural magnetic field. The anomalies can be due to deposits or objects with magnetic properties in the upper layer of the ground. The magnetic properties are increased by burning and the magnetometer can therefore identify accumulations of burnt stones or slag in an iron smelting furnace.